A battlefield can contain interactive objects that can influence the fighting troops. The type of objects depends on the arena.

Interactive objects can be destroyed or used by hero’s troops or enemy’s troops. If you can’t reach it before your enemy, sometimes it can be more useful to destroy the object so that the enemy can’t use it.


Can be picked up by any troop standing near it.


Wooden shield, which serves as an obstacle for foot troops until it is destroyed. Appears on castle arenas.

Mine, Powder KegEdit

When destroyed these objects explode, inflicting damage to all nearby creatures. They appear on the seaside and in dwarves’ mines.


Out of destroyed coffin appear skeletons that will fight on the side of the hero whose troop destroyed it.

Holy StatueEdit

Helps one random troop in its area of effect, casting the spell “Bless”,“God Armour”, or “Heal”. These statues can be found in temples and elven forests.

Cursed CrossEdit

Attacks a random troop in its area of effect with the “Poisonous Skull”, “Weakness” or “Slow” spell.


A vespiary


"A huge wasps' nest, inside of which wasps are humming."

A swarm of furious wasps attacks one random troop in the area of its effect (3 tiles area), inflicting Physical Damage.

Gameplay note: as long the player troops are away from its area, the Vespiary is harmlss. Is useful to deal some damage to the enemies, but when it start to target friendly troops, it will become an annoyance or worse against low health units like Peasants. Usually is better destroy it if the battle start to get crowed around it.

Altar of Lightning Edit

It attacks all troops in its area of effect with a lightning bolt.


Casts “Fire Ball” or “Fire Rain” spell on a random nearby troop or a group of troops.

Ice StatueEdit

Affects a random nearby target. If it is a dwarf, the statue Hastens or Blesses him. All other creatures are attacked with the “Geyser” or “Ice Snake” spell.