Maps of the Underground
Vital statistics
Start King Mark
Prerequisites The Mystery of Lyaro Island
Location Greenwort, Western Islands, Eastern Islands
Rewards 500 xp, 7800 coins
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The Mystery of Lyaro Island Slave-traders

A war with the dwarves is brewing, and the king has entrusted you with the task of finding the maps of the dwarven underground. The maps can be found on the Islands of Freedom.


  • Travel to the Islands of Freedom.
  • Locate Lucky James.
    • Speak to the pirate Redbeard, who lives on the Eastern Islands
    • Speak to Mirabella, Lucky's fiancee. You can find her in the port on the Eastern Islands.
  • Lucky is hiding in his mines, so you must find a way to gain entry.
  • Enter Lucky James's Mines with the help of the password
  • Speak to James about the dwarven maps.
  • Get 100,000 golden coins to buy the maps from James.
  • Bring the maps to King Mark and tell him of the slave-trading in Darion.


The fisherman in the north of Greenwort can give you a trip to the western continent. While there are merchants that sell a boat, such boats don't normally travel the high seas between continents.

When you reach Western Islands, you can speak with Scott Thompson to get a possible lead on progressing on the quest. However, you will also need to obtain a boar from the merchant, which costs 3000 gold. Use the boat to reach the Eastern Islands.

If you speak with Mirabella for the location of Lucky James, she mentions that he is hiding in his mines in the Eastern Island.

Redbeard gives the password to enter the mines.

When you speak with James, he sets the price to 100,000 gold. He also lets loose that he gets slaves from Darion, from Rotten Hake. An alternate for this is to complete the quest The Black Mark, and attack either Lucky James or Redbeard.

After you obtain the maps - either through money or bloodshed, return to King Mark to obtain the reward and next mission.