Recover the Plugens
Vital statistics
Start King Mark
End King Mark
Prerequisites Letters of Reference
Location East of Castle Kronberg
Rewards 1050 Gold, 55 Experience
Previous Next
Letters of Reference The King's Brother

Retrieve 400 Plugens that were stolen from one of King Mark's tax collectors.


  • Find the 400 stolen plugens
  • Punish the rogues who robbed the wagon


The rogues will be found on the road leading East from Castle Kronberg. The plugens will also be spread around that area. The second part of the mission is completed by killing the enemy hero named Robber.

The loose plugens are located:

  • One next to the moat, on the east edge leading to the castle.
  • Three near the road sign pointing to Arlania.
  • Three near the broken down cart (near the robber enemy unit)
  • Three east of the robber.

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