The Warrior is a skilled commander, whose power consists in his ability to command a mighty army. At the start of the game, the Warrior receives two skills of Might and strong combat abilities. When the Warrior gains a new level, he develops his Might Skills and increases his Leadership faster than either the Paladin or the Mage. This allows him to hire more troops earlier in the game. Only the Warrior can learn the skills of "Iron Fist" and "Anger".

Starting SkillsEdit

Might Tree

Starting TroopsEdit

Starting StatisticsEdit

Starting Stats
Statistic Value (Easy) Value (Normal) Value (Hard)
Leadership 210 210 210
Mana (Max) 15 13 10
Rage (Max) 30 25 20
Attack 2 2 2
Defense 1 1 1
Intellect 0 0 0
Scrolls (Max) 6 4 3
  • Impossible have same stats as Hard.

Starting ResourcesEdit

Starting Resources
Resource Amount (Easy) Amount (Normal) Amount (Hard)
Gold 10000 4000 2000
Might Runes 14 8 6
Mind Runes 10 4 2
Magic Runes 8 2 0
Magic Crystals 15 6 3
Scrolls of Haste 3 3 3
  • Impossible have same resources as Hard.

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